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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles-Learning Through Play

Wooden jigsaw puzzles are a great introduction to learning through play and they make a great gift option for toddlers and young children.

Our new designs of fair-trade puzzles are sure to captivate small children and will encourage them to have fun while learning. Made in Sri Lanka from sustainably sourced wood and painted by hand, using non-toxic acrylic paints, the brightly coloured puzzle pieces are designed to develop both dexterity and logic through absorbing playtime. Our number jigsaw puzzles are perfect for toddlers and pre-school children who are learning to count. The chunky, tactile numbered pieces are perfectly sized for little hands to hold and the puzzles will encourage both number and colour recognition as the simple attractive shapes fit together.

zoo number jigsaw puzzle

cat number jigsaw puzzle

For older children who are learning their ABC we have three designs of alphabet jigsaw puzzles. Each of these fun puzzles have lettered pieces from A to Z which will help familiarise children with the alphabet and the order in which the letters occur.

wooden elephant alphabet jigsaw puzzle


Every number and letter puzzle comes complete with a cotton storage bag and will provide years of family fun.

farm number jigsaw puzzle


When time is in short supply the use of electronic toys and devices may be useful for young children but traditional toys are thought to be better for language development and social interaction, as parents, older siblings and grand-parents get involved in the fun. Visit Yours Sustainably and choose a jigsaw puzzle, a great 'Gift That Matters'.

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