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Women for Women-Sister Update

Women for Women-Sister Update

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As we all rush around getting organized for Christmas we are often encouraged to think of others less fortunate than ourselves. Through the kind generosity of those supporting our swishing event in the summer our two Women For Women ‘sisters’ Mary and Jane are now half way through their second module, Health and Wellness, a subject which impacts on all women worldwide regardless of situation or wealth. They have been taught about the prevention, treatment and management of key health issues affecting the family and the wider community and how women in particular are affected. The importance of basic family health is promoted as is proper hygiene, a clean environment and good nutrition, all working towards improved personal, family and community health. Identifying symptoms of stress and psychological difficulties will be taught and the women will be encouraged through storytelling and discussion to support each other, take action to relieve the problem and to seek referral where necessary. Class discussions will include the dangers of substance abuse as well as the positive impact of living healthy lifestyles, including making time for rest, relaxation and exercise.

Reproductive health and education is also taught, this includes pregnancy, birth and infant care as well as birth control, family planning and sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. Our two ‘sisters’ will be taught strategies to deal with any challenges to exercising their reproductive rights that may come from either the family or community.

It’s lovely to hear of the progress of Mary and Jane and we would like to wish them and all of our supporters a happy and healthy 2014.

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