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Socially Responsible Shopping

Socially Responsible Shopping

Social responsibility is another virtue www.yourssustainably look for when selecting and choosing products for our range of home and fashion accessories. The definition of ‘social responsibility’ is the idea that companies should not be focused solely on maximizing profits but should develop a positive relationship with the society in which they operate. We’d like to introduce you to two such companies, both whom work with marginalised communities, creating work opportunities and financial independence.

wooden animals

Wonder Welders, based in Tanzania, make beautifully crafted handmade wooden toys. A group of adult polio victims many of whom survived by begging on the streets were helped to establish a welding company, transforming recycled scrap metal into art. As the company grew employing more people with physical disabilities new skills were learnt and the range of recycled products now include wood, glass and paper. The success of the company means the employees can financially support themselves and their families. Our charming wooden animals, cars and trucks are all made with offcuts of wood that have no use in larger factories and are all constructed without the use of screws or nails.

Traditionally Made Wooden Car & Caravan

Traditionally Made Wooden Nyati Truck & Car










Scarves are amongst our favourite accessories and Nepali by TDM is a company with a strong social message, to support and empower women both in Nepal and all over the world. Working directly with a team of women weavers from villages close to Kathmandu, Nepali support these women with above-market wages, access to health care and scholarships for the education of their children, all helping to break the cycle of poverty. Traditional weaving skills, beautiful and luxurious natural fibres, eco-friendly azo-free dyes and good design come together in a range of scarves for women who love timeless individual style and care about the provenance of their belongings.

Bamboo Handprinted Square Scarf With Tassels and Beads

Bamboo Handprinted Square Paisley Scarf with Tassels

Bamboo Handprinted Square Scarf With Crocheted Pom Poms

As you can see, these two companies have developed a close relationship with the society in which they work to the mutual benefit of both. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift for someone else, buying cheap throwaway fashion and products or shopping purely on price benefits no –one in the long term, why not take time to read the stories and meet the people behind your purchase, embrace ‘positive consumerism’ and make a difference to communities across the world. Enjoy your shopping!

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