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ZincWhite - Creating Style From Waste

ZincWhite- Creating Style From Waste

Lidia and Paul from Zincwhite Lidia and Paul from Zincwhite

www.yourssustainably.com talked to Lidia and Paul from Zincwhite about their business, clever production process and views on waste....

Zincwhite is a joint venture between Paul, an aspiring architect and Lidia, an aspiring visual poet. Three years ago we decided to join forces and create an upcycling project where we could not only use our skills to create something beautiful but also allow us to change into a greener and more sustainable way of living.

We were already using pencil waste from local schools, museums as well as from Lidia - she never threw the countless little stubs collected after years of drawing. When the pencil jewellery took off we decided it was time to find a more sustainable source. Derwent Pencils were perfect for us. We knew about the quality of their pencils and they are also a manufacturer on our doorstep. When they agreed to collaborate with us by donating some of their pencil waste, it was one of those eureka moments that perfectly suited our ethos.pencils

Whilst working with children and doing art workshops we started creating little collages; and it all started from there. We thought the results were stunning and very similar to marquetry so we started to play with different glues and resins. It took us a whole year of trials until we were happy with the final results.pencil brooch multicoloured

The earth is a limited source of resources yet in our society we live as if they were unlimited. All of us must start to do something before it is too late. We are also extremely interested in the concept of ’harvesting’ within the city. You can see it in one of two ways: either we generate excessive amounts of problematic waste or the accumulation of materials is enormous and the possibilities are endless. We prefer the latter one! And we love to apply this principle to any new ’waste material’ that we find in our ‘garbological’ strolls around different cities.cufflinks and brooches3

We are constantly looking for and love to be challenged by new materials. We take old broken vintage typewriters, photographic camera objectives, ’abused’ shirts, cutlery, artist’s paintbrushes... anything that has stopped being loved and make accessories for people as well as for their house. Lighting and upcycling furniture are projects that at the moment have not yet fructified but we hope to have them running by next year. Otherwise our little workshop is going to become an impossible space!
We do not believe in the concept of waste as it is understood in our society and believe that we cannot keep hiding unwanted things in ever limited landfills so our little workshop keeps being filled with all sorts of stuff.green pencil ring

typewritersWe would love to be able to grow from strength to strength and become a household name for sustainable design but isn’t it every makers dream?

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