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Homemade Fruit Liqueurs

Homemade Fruit Liqueurs

Here in Kent, www.yourssustainably.com are based in an area where traditionally hops together with apples and pears were grown. Unfortunately the iconic hop gardens have almost vanished and orchards of huge gnarled old trees are being grubbed out and replaced with smaller easier to pick varieties together with luscious cherries and even apricots.
With such an abundance of local produce we always like to make ourselves fruit liqueurs, last year it was sloe gin with the sloes picked from the hedgerows and this year its cherry brandy and gooseberry gin and we thought it would be fun to share our recipes and the easy method.
Gooseberry Gin
500g washed gooseberries, topped and tail and cut in half
I Litre gin
Granulated sugar, the amount varies according to the variety of gooseberries used. We added 375g for ordinary green gooseberries.





Cherry Brandy
!kg cherries
1 litre brandy
300g sugar






The method is easy, using a clean jar large enough to take the fruit and liquid, we use kilner jars. Add the fruit, sugar and spirit to the jar, shake daily until the sugar has dissolved and then store in a dark cupboard for four months then strain the liquid and bottle. Remember to save the original spirit bottle for the finished liqueur. Save the fruit for a delicious ice cream topping!

Gooseberry gin & cherry brandy

kilner jars of alcohol & friut











Many varieties of fruit can be used, damsons and plums will be available soon. Get started now and your homemade tipple will be ready for Christmas. Decanted into small bottles which are easily available, we are sure your liqueur would make an ideal 'Gift That matters'!
Good luck with your making from www.yourssustainably.com

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