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Heikō Clothing | A New Sustainable Fashion Brand

Here at Yours Sustainably we were delighted to discover Heikō Clothing. This UK based fashion brand may be in it's infancy but we admire their style, ethics and aims. As many consumers demand more transparency about clothing manufacture this brand is the perfect antidote to 'fast fashion'. We wish them well and encourage you to read their blog post.


Heiko Tofu t-shirt


Hey! We’re Heikō Clothing, a new eco-friendly fashion brand with one goal in mind – to fight against fast fashion trends by making sustainable fashion more affordable. We are a family run sustainable clothing brand based in the South East of England. We work closely with a number of independent designers to create fun, light-hearted designs, many of which that carry important underlying messages relating to environmental issues and climate change. We passionately believe that by working together to spread the message on important issues we can incite change and work together to save our planet!

Midori organic cotton t-shirt

We launched Heikō Clothing after noticing that there are very few affordable, sustainable clothing brands offering high-quality products and realising that it remains a challenge for many people to make the switch from cheaper ‘fast fashion’ alternatives. We made the conscious decision to accept smaller profit margins in the hope that we can make sustainable fashion more accessible to everyone. We understand that it can be challenging to follow an eco-friendlier lifestyle and hope that our range of relatively affordable products will encourage people to start making small changes towards more sustainable shopping habits.

We currently stock a range of organic cotton t-shirts, tote bags and jumpers with a variety of unique designs. We love collaborating with independent designers and artists to come up with the designs as it allows us to engage with local communities and support grassroots creators.

Aquarius tote bag



All of our products are made from certified organic cotton and/or recycled materials and are either Fairtrade or Fair Wear certified, meaning that all of our suppliers are committed to paying workers fairly and ensuring they have access to proper education and training. We only use environmentally-friendly dyes to print onto our products and all of our packaging is fully recyclable/biodegradable. We have tried to make our business model more sustainable by printing every item to order ourselves – this is a time-consuming process but it means that stock is never wasted!

Oat milk addict t-shirt


We currently make a 50p donation towards a high-impact environmental or animal welfare charity every time we make a sale and as we grow as a brand, we would love to be able to organise regular fundraising events to increase our support of the many amazing charities that are out there.

Hopes for the future 

Heikō Clothing are committed  to being as eco-friendly as possible but still have a long way to go to be a ‘fully sustainable’ company. We hope that as we continue to expand our small brand we will be able to increase the use of recycled materials in our products to contribute towards a more circular economy. We also hope to be able to offer a wider range of products as we have had so many requests from customers regarding other clothing items such as dresses and trousers!

Deforestation organic cotton t-shirt


We love our small brand and have been overwhelmed by the support we have had so far from our amazing customers. It has been so encouraging to hear that so many people are starting to re-evaluate their existing shopping habits and share our mission of wanting to make the world a better, more sustainable place.

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