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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Children

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Children

Most toys that you find in a department store look safe and don't seem to contain harmful chemicals, but studies show that most of these toys are made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride, the third most common synthetic plastic known to release dangerous chemicals. In their early years, kids are renowned for chewing on their toys and if these toys are made from PVC, they'll be absorbing chemicals such as phthalates. Phthalates have been linked to many reproductive health issues such as miscarriages, birth defects, reduced fertility, testicular damage and abnormal sperm counts. There also have been links to liver and kidney cancer.

According to The World Counts, soft plastic toys can contain more than 40 percent in phthalates in weight. These statistics are dangerously high, and it's time that everyone thinks twice before buying plastic toys for kids. They deserve the best, and the best gifts that we can give them are items that don't inflict harm on them or the environment.

Children are the pride and joy of the world, which is why we do absolutely everything to take care of them. From sponsoring education for at-risk kids to encouraging a green lifestyle to the youth, we should always present them with opportunities to make them better people that will make positive changes in the world. And something as small as handing them an eco-friendly toy on their birthday can show them just how fun it can be to live sustainably.

If you're child is musically inclined, we have a DIY craft kit for a bright and colourful musical horn that your kid would would love. Everything in the kit is made from leftover materials put together by amazing volunteers at a UK Scrapstore.

Children love drawing and anything to do with colouring, and we have a wide range of non toxic colouring crayons that they can go crazy with. We carry various sets in all kinds of fun shapes, including the alphabet, dinosaurs, and even cute little gingerbread men.

non toxic wax gingerbread men crayons

If your kid loves building stuff, our handmade jigsaw puzzle that turns into a fire engine is the perfect present. Each piece is labelled with a letter of the alphabet to make it easier for kids to construct the final product. And if you're worried about your kid chewing on the pieces, the paints and primers are non toxic.

alphabet fire engine jigsaw puzzle


Check out the children's section of our website for more exciting gift ideas!

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