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Eco-Friendly Ethical Style v Fast Fashion

Eco-Friendly Ethical Style v Fast Fashion

Here at www.yourssustainably.com we love fashion but we appreciate individual style more. When our online boutique was launched in 2011 we had one objective, to source the best sustainable and ethically produced home and fashion accessories from around the world. As consumers we are constantly encouraged to buy cheap throwaway fashion and as the 2nd anniversary of the Rana Plaza fire approaches, why not step off the fast fashion merry go-round and take a moment to think ‘Who Made My Clothes?’

.How much more satisfying to know exactly where your beautiful scarf or casual summer bag came from, who made it and where. Scarves are a versatile addition to your summer wardrobe and these beautiful fair-trade fine cotton scarves were hand woven in Ethiopia, protecting and safe guarding traditional skills as well as supporting economic independence.

Fair-trade hand woven cotton scarves Fair-trade hand woven cotton scarves

As summer approaches casual bags can add colour and pattern. This natural jute bag is another fair-trade product, this time from Bangladesh where remote marginalized communities can use the readily available natural resources, work within their villages and with support and guidance climb out of abject poverty. Both of these desirable, stylish accessories have been carefully made by communities using their traditional craft skills.... how much nicer than mass produced fast fashion.

Fairtrade macrame shopper Fairtrade macrame shopper

Clothes are only cheap because as the terrible factory fires of recent times have demonstrated, poor desperate workers are exploited by unscrupulous companies many of which are well known high street brands. There is an alternative, companies and social enterprises are working with artisans and communities throughout the world to establish and nurture skills as well as creating lasting economic security, why not join with us in supporting their endeavours.

April 24th is Fashion Revolution Day and we fully endorse their mission statement: 'we believe in fashion - an industry which values people, the environment, creativity and profits in equal measure, and it's everyone's responsibility to ensure that this happens'.

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